Internship Hamer & Hark

Standaard hutje

This was a project I had to finish from the beginning till the end. I wanted to do it by myself, with the additional advice, but mostly without help. I started sketching and building models. I have always liked this phase of the process. Nop was worried about a part I sketched, so we would talk about it together. I learned a lot from these discussions about for example how the structure underneath the treehouse is build and why. When I was finished with the design, I put it in Sketch up so I could make a sawing list out of it. There were some strange angles in my design, but it was nice to be able to build it in a 3D model in order to make it. In the workshop I struggled a bit with the size of the whole thing. For someone my height, it was quite a big project to take on by myself. Eventually it worked out and I finished the little house.

I was proud to hear that my design and my work would be placed in the “show garden” of the business. In this way, I would leave my handprint after I have left. To finish the project, I painted the little house and took pictures. I created a webpage design as if the “standaard hutje” was displayed on it. I wrote a little text and put the pictures, drawings and technical information with it. This project was big, it was huge actually. But I am so proud that I finished it and that it can be sold as a finished product now.

Taking pictures for the webshop

During my internship I had to create a way of taking pictures of their products. I had to write down what I did and how I did it so it would fool proof and they could copy this method for the upcoming times. Also I have been taking pictures of treehouses Hamer en Hark had built in the past. I really like the faith they had in me, with taking these pictures. They trusted my opinion in this field which I did not feel before. Apparently I can take better pictures than I thought I could.


I design a kit for the inside of a treehouse. With these drawings costumers can chose what they would like inside their treehouse to completely finish it. I prepared some drawings for my appointment with Merte and Nop. Then we brainstormed about what we could add to the already existing list of products I made. The end result are two kits. ‘Pimpje’ and ‘Pimpje extra’. Customers can chose what they want from which ‘Pimpje’.

Of course I also researched on where to buy certain products of the list and which company what the cheapest and the most durable.