this book opens the mind not only of the book itself

The lockbook is designed for writers, who like to dream away in their own treasures. You can buy this book in 4 different colours. In each book you find a kit to make a division in the book, and to glue, pin or stick your treasures in there.

As a consumer you open the lock of this book, when it opens you see your own treasures. This is an inspiration, each object has his own story. It opens the mind not only of the book. Behind these treasures you can write all your dreams, thoughts and wishes.

This project connects a lot with me as a person. I have always liked puzzles. In my youth I played a lot with puzzles like Rubik’s cubes and still enjoy to do that. The little world of collecting connects to my way of working. My sketches are always small just like the models I make. Also I love to collect stuff. For example on the beach I love to search of the most beautiful shells I can find.